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I found loads to take when I was there. There were so many precious moments where the kids had so much fun and had comical shots too!

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From having fun at the fire station and putting out "fire" It was a lovely place with loads of nice photo opportunities! I will be the first to admit it, it is hard letting go at times watching kids grow up too fast too soon! During this trip, I learnt to let go a lot because paranoid mum here was not allowed to get on some of the rides with her. Funnily, I also had to learn to "let go" in a different way - I had to brave the roller coaster.

I love the vertical tower type of rides but I absolutely hate roller coasters pic below is the more 'tame' part of the ride where the 'dip' was not captured possibly because I was shaking after riding it TWICE as Dumpling refuses to get out after round 1!!!

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Posted by beanienus at 9 comments: Email This BlogThis! Labels: Family Time , Outdoor Fun. Dumpling attended a Chinese Oracy camp a few months ago and I really like the concept of the workshop where she got to attend some excursions as well as had the chance to explore Chinese idioms as part of the Oracy Programme.

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It was a 4-day camp where half of the 3 days were spent on excursions of which she visited a radio station, Mint Toy Museum and NEWater plant. The great thing was that all tours were conducted in Mandarin!

Dumpling with some 'camp-mates' at a radio station. At NEWater - see if you can spot Dumpling who was trying to get a shot of some light and water elements in the ground. Dumpling posing with a simple Bento open face 'sandwich' I made for her with a TV screen! And that builds a strong foundation in my Chinese language. Being immersed in a Chinese speaking environment both in school and at home since young, I am deeply rooted in the mother tongue and have a strong passion for the language.

Throughout my years of work in the Media industry as a Advertising Copywriter and a Research Writer for MediaCorp, being bilingual has opened up numerous good opportunities for me. I see the importance of being bilingual and also to retain the roots of our mother tongue which our new generation seems to be slowly losing. It saddens me to see the children around me disliking Chinese or can't speak the language. And it struck me especially hard one day when my daughter at the age of 4 then, told me that she doesn't want to speak Mandarin as she is an "English" because she speaks English and all her classmates speak English too.

I was totally surprised upon hearing that because my daughter was born and lived in Shanghai for nearly 3 years and at that time, we have only returned to Singapore less than a year and she has attended her preschool for merely half a year. I then started to create a more Mandarin speaking environment at home, exposing them to Chinese kids programmes, using fun activities such as word games to reinforce their word recognition etc. I am glad and proud to say that my children enjoy learning Chinese now and they are pretty good at it.

89 resultados para “Guardian Angel”

So it's important to create an appetite for the Chinese language, let kids learn through the fun way and they'll get better with practice. I have also observed that our primary school Chinese curriculum focuses mainly on worksheets and children have very little oral practice in school and also at home. Hence they are generally weak in their Chinese oral presentation.

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I sincerely hope You Station can play a part in nurturing and stirring up interest in the Chinese language for the young generation. I love children and have always wanted to work with them since young. Though I've always had the dream to start a school long time ago, I haven't been able to find THE real direction. In the recent years I got more chances to communicate with children of family and friends, and it saddens me to see resentment in learning and speaking of the Chinese language.

Not Your Ordinary Psychic Mom: September

Given the chance to be immersed in a Mandarin speaking environment at a very young age gave me the opportunity to learn and practice both languages. I sincerely wish to see our younger generations be proud of their mother tongue and are able to keep their roots. Most of all, knowing more than one language is definitely an advantage in life in all aspects.

And being able to speak Mandarin is cool! We believe that You Station has an unique curriculum:.


You Station is a Chinese Oracy School. The curriculum at YOU Station is under-girded by our belief that play is a powerful tool to overcome the fear of language learning. Our activities in class are specially designed to be fun and interactive , enabling children to learn in a stress-free environment.

One of the key strategies used in YOU Station is in creating an Edutainment Hub through role-playing as news readers and reciting stories in front of You Station "TV" and video-camera to build confidence in public speaking. Children are immersed in a Mandarin speaking environment for 1. They are given more opportunities to speak Mandarin and to read aloud in front of their teacher and classmates. With weekly practice, they get better in speaking Mandarin and reading; thus gradually build up their confidence in public speaking.

The Tale of the Slimy Spitball

Experiential learning is an unique element in our preschool curriculum; children learn vocabulary and knowledge through the 5 senses. News reading is the highlight of our primary school curriculum. We also learn practical idioms through the fun way. Importantly, You Station's curriculum is activities-based whereas most Chinese enrichment centres are worksheets-based.

Such activities also help in comprehension and composition. One of our students who used to dislike Chinese and wouldn't speak a word of Mandarin came to my teacher and me one Saturday showing us a sheet of Chinese lyrics of a song.

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