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Seattle Movie Times & Movie Theaters - The Stranger

Everyone at tea time is stepping a little out of their comfort zone. This makes it so much easier to actually learn something unexpected about the people around you. Because open minds are a prerequisite around here. So often, we only meet people through work, school, or friends of friends. So basically, we manufacture serendipity. And your eyes are made…for eye contact! Real humans are so much cooler than their tweets or Instagram pictures. Tea time has real humans!

You'd never think of yourself as a stranger. But everyone else does.

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You know your story. Your embarrassments. They all come with their own past experiences, aspirations, desires, opinions and so much more. Chances are, in that period, there is at least some overlap in commonality in that time between their life and the twenty years of mine. It just takes a discussion to find out what that common ground is. To give you an example, imagine me and you have nothing in common, but we learn that we both play a sport even if they are different. By using this weak similarity , I could suggest that we both try out a new sport together.

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We suddenly have a common ground for future discussion; the feelings surrounding trying it for the first time, for example. So as you can see, your snap judgement that immediately dismisses you from talking to someone on the basis that you have no common ground is irrational; because chances are you, do have something in common. I used to see it all the time at school, and I hate it.

Doing this can easily make you lose your sense of self, and your worth and core values completely go out of the window. Everyone likes different things, and for everyone to like you would probably require you to adapt and act differently around each person. Cut the social pressure bullshit. Be yourself, and strive to only form connections with people who like the real you. Take the time to talk to people regardless of your snap judgement, and only if you feel yourself having to be someone you are not should you step away from that person and move on.

If you are striving to form a connection with someone else:. Following these steps will ensure that you are open to meeting new people, take the chances when they arise, and will lead to them being deeper and more meaningful. Sign in. Get started.

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  • Forming a Connection with Strangers. The stranger might change your perspective and give you a new way of looking at things that you have never considered before. Your network opens up opportunities for new business and new jobs, helps you climb up the corporate ladder , expands your support network, makes you more visible, helps you learn more about your field, and so on.

    A New Book Says You Should Talk to Strangers. Counterpoint: No.

    This is why virtually all career coaches extol the importance of networking. Networking events are essentially platforms for strangers with common interests to meet and talk to each other. If the only people you ever talk to are your relatives and close friends, you can forget about building a business network. Many successful people actually confess that the biggest breaks and opportunities in their professional lives came as a result of talking to strangers.

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    Therefore, in your professional life, you should make it a habit to talk to strangers on a daily basis. As these people turn from strangers into acquaintances and probably friends, you never know which one of them will provide you with an opportunity that will help advance your career. Actually, for some people, the joy of traveling comes from meeting strangers and having experiences they had not planned for. I can recall several instances in my life where talking to a stranger ended up making for a spontaneous and fun filled experience.

    While having lunch at my hotel, I got into a conversation with some guy, and he invited me to a party that was he was going to. I decided to tag along for the party, which was being held on a floating bar smack in the middle of the ocean. That party turned out to be one of the best moments I had during my vacation, and all this happened because I just happened to talk to a stranger at the hotel.

    Just like my experience during my vacation, sparking up conversations with strangers can spice up your experience and lead to a lot of fun.

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    You have literally no idea what to expect from the interaction unless you actually step up and initiate a conversation with the stranger. By talking to them, you open up a world of numerous possibilities. Saying that social skills and communication skills are important is an understatement.

    The Strangers: Prey at Night Trailer #1 (2018) - Movieclips Indie

    If you want to achieve much, both in your professional and personal life, you need to know how to communicate and interact with other people. Many successful people will tell you that much of their success can be attributed to their excellent people skills. Your social skills are just like any other skill — they get better the more you practice, and you get rusty the longer you go without practicing them. Talking to strangers on a daily basis provides you with the perfect opportunity to practice and improve this important skill. As you talk to people you have never talked to before, the more you learn how to make small talk, how to start conversations, how to break away from conversations, and how to generally have engaging and meaningful interactions with other people.

    As the common saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. Most of your close friends are just like you. They probably like the same things as you, they have similar educational accomplishments, the make almost the same amount of money as you, you know almost similar things, you have similar world views, and so on. Interacting with this close circle of friends and acquaintances all the time limits your ability to learn new things.

    The more you do things that make you nervous, the less nervous you feel, and the more confident you become. By making it a habit to talk to two or three strangers every day, you gradually start becoming more comfortable with initiating conversations with strangers, and your self-confidence goes up. Whenever you find yourself in social situations, you stop feeling awkward or shy because you are already used to interacting with strangers. This also gives you the confidence to introduce yourself to people you want to meet for some reason such as a potential employer or a potential date.

    Question is, how do you actually start talking to strangers in order to take advantage of these benefits? Detach yourself from the outcome : Most of us feel nervous about talking to strangers because we are afraid of being rejected. We start thinking of everything that could go wrong with the conversation and we eventually convince ourselves not to approach the stranger.

    If you want to make a habit of talking to strangers, you should detach yourself from the outcome. Once you learn how to detach yourself from the outcome, you will stop pressuring yourself, you will feel more confident, and you will be more present in the conversation. This is especially useful in situations where you see a person frequently but have never actually interacted with them. Simply smiling and saying hi as you pass someone on the hallway or when you meet them at the gym water cooler is enough to break the ice and start building a connection between the two of you.

    However, this does not mean that you should not start a conversation the first time. If the person gives you an enthusiastic reply, go ahead and start a conversation. Find something you have in common : After greeting someone, the easiest way to kick off a conversation is to find something in common between the two of you.

    For instance, if you are at a party, ask them how they know the host. If you are at a bookstore, ask them to suggest a nice read.

    Strangers Quotes

    Just watch how it flows and then either thank them for their time or keep it going if they seem interested. Keep the conversation light : When you start someone for the first time, you want to keep the conversation light as you build a rapport with each other. The best way to do this is to start the conversation based on things you can observe in your surroundings, such as traffic, the weather, the party, and so on.

    Ask questions : Asking questions is the simplest way of keeping a conversation with a stranger going. After giving them a compliment or making an observation about something in your immediate vicinity, ask the person something about them. Most people enjoy talking about themselves, so this will most likely work to your advantage. Remember, keep your questions light.

    When asking questions, avoid asking questions that are deeply personal, since you might end up freaking the person out.