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  1. Why employees at startups are having to cope with unprecedented levels of anxiety
  2. How Will I Get There?
  3. The Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Answer
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ICT Startups is a domain that is relatively new as a research field: it concerns the definition and study of success in ICT entrepreneurship. It has as a goal to support the practitioner field, whether that is incubators, entrepreneurs, software engineers, software product managers, chief technology officers, or entrepreneurship lecturers, with up to date knowledge and practices.

12 Key Levers of SaaS Success

These should in turn support entrepreneurs in better decision making in their daily, and often nightly, work. One of the main aspects of this work concerns the construction and engineering of ICT products and services. Ries, E. Kindle Edition, Penguin Books Limited. New York, NY. Osterwalder, A. By the time I was fifteen I was three years behind and very unhappy. Then one day I decided to drop out of school and apply to the circus school. Officially I was too young but I was determined and had talent for juggling so my parents supported my decision.

The teachers at my school weren't so supportive. They took turns trying to persuade me to stay and all said the same thing: "If you drop out now you will never amount to anything. They tried to persuade me by threatening me but their strategy had the opposite effect: I felt liberated and even more determined to choose my own destiny. I figured if leaving meant starting from zero and being labeled as an outcast, than everything I would accomplish from now would be to my own credit. I felt empowered and excited at the opportunity to design my own life without someone else telling what I could and couldn't do.

For me that was a defining moment. I've always felt like the rules didn't apply to me and I could do what I wanted. After I graduated circus school I applied to an art academy, graduated cum laude, and then started my first Internet business, one I sold three years later. Although you never start a company alone and I had many partners to thank, I did feel I truly earned my success as a self-made man when we signed those contracts, and I definitely thought back to those teachers who told me I would never amount to anything.

From a young age, my mother instilled in me a sense of responsibility and inspired me to lead by example.

Why employees at startups are having to cope with unprecedented levels of anxiety

My mother ran a successful home as well as a successful business in fashion--she owned and managed several boutiques. Her aspirations and ambitions encouraged me, even as a child, not only to achieve my goals, but also to become a leader in what I do. Then it was, "You can't build a virtual career coaching practice.

Everybody knows the best coaching is done in-person. So, looking back, I realize what got me into entrepreneurship, and more importantly, what helped me succeed were all those naysayers. I never intended to run a company, but the road filled with people trying to push their negativity on me only helped me to see how much I needed to start my own business to prove them wrong.

I'm grateful for those people who said it couldn't be done. I simply can't remember not wanting to be an entrepreneur. It was a desire ignited by my father, and his father before him. My dad, a serial entrepreneur, was a joyful workaholic.

How Will I Get There?

He had a contagious love for his work even when times were tough. I wanted to be like him. Inspired by dad, I filled my youth with small ventures of my own. One of my earliest childhood memories is buying cent toys from the grocery store vending machine and reselling them for 25 cents on the playground. Getting a "real job" was never an option. I consider myself blessed that the magnetic pull of entrepreneurship led me to Road ID, a company my father and I started together. I started a local snow removal business and achieved just that.

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Then during college I spent one summer working at a health club. The club's owner was there every day and would walk around the club in his sweatpants.

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He would also work out a lot and seemed very healthy and stress-free. That lifestyle really appealed to me. I liked the idea of being able to set my own rules and create my own environment today we have a treadmill and showers in our offices and everyone dresses extremely casually. I also liked the idea of controlling my destiny. The smarter and harder I work, the more success I have, and I believe that's the way it should be. With regards to the stress-free part, I haven't figured out that one yet. I learned that it was possible to build great things, and that the only limit was your imagination and ability to execute--nothing else mattered.

The Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Answer

So, it wasn't as much a decision to become an entrepreneur as it was just a realization that is what I was meant to do. Starting WordStream and growing the business were just the next steps as I explored and uncovered new possibilities. I found purpose in growing a business that produces useful things and creates meaningful jobs for people.

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Software Business Start-up Memories | SpringerLink

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