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Nor should we want it to. The tapes, the investigation, and the lawyers whom both Jackson and Olympios are said to have retained will determine responsibility.

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Some of it will likely land on the production, which supplies alcohol to contestants to increase drama and may or may not have put a contestant in danger because they wanted to capture that danger on film. The signs of this show going off the rails have increased every season. He also made nasty remarks about Sarah Herron, who was born with one arm, before getting dramatically kicked off the show the next morning.

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For almost its entire run, that season also featured Josh Murray, whose ex, former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, had accused him of emotional abuse in her tell-all book. In the rare cases where there was sexual activity before the Fantasy Suites, it was always a major scandal, and again, never referred to by name.

Erotic Short Story: The Beach | Roxy Hart Erotica

It also opened the franchise up to finally talking about sex, and perhaps to its detriment, realizing viewers had an appetite for it. It was an enormous scandal that resulted in the show getting disinvited from a planned trip to Patagonia. Every subsequent season of the flagship series Ben Higgins, JoJo Fletcher, Nick Viall has filmed couples in their postcoital bathrobes the morning after their Fantasy Suite nights.

BiP , meanwhile, does the bathrobe thing, plus more explicitly features night-vision scenes of contestants gyrating under sheets, and doing things involving hands and genitals in the pool. Hookups in general seem to sell, but the right people hooking up will sell even more.


With the help of producers, Jackson and Olympios perhaps found their way to one another for a reason: It was ratings gold. All those other border-brushing incidents were allowed into the show — and allowed to escalate — because no one got hurt. But the kind of hurt that arises from even just the possibility that a sexual assault could happen, and be filmed, is an injury too far.

Unlike Desire Pearl, there are water sports like windsurfing and kayaking. It was p. Couples squeezed in wherever they could, nursing drinks, chatting with one another, rubbing elbows, and…other body parts as well. For example? I saw more than one couple blow job in the first 30 minutes alone. A woman crouched behind her, then slurped champagne right out of her ass as someone poured from above. My mind was blown.

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Next, a man in his 40s put his face between her butt cheeks , lapping up more champagne. The blonde woman giggled; her husband looked on, head tilted, with a drunken grin. At least two more people ripped shots from her crack before someone brought out the whip.

The ease with which they moved from shots to bondage was awe inducing. Naked people took turns whipping the blonde woman while she remained bent over the bar. When she was too red to continue, people took turns whipping each other. Apparently, the fun never ends at Desire Riviera Maya, with this wild and kinky bunch.

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A couple was having sex on one of the chaise lounges. Welcome to Jamaica. Hedonism II differs from the other three resorts in that its sectioned off into a nude side and a prude side. On the nude side, you have to be percent naked.

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  8. The prude side is clothing optional; a place to read, relax and find quiet. The nude side is more interested in sexy games, from poolside blow jobs, to squirt contests, to breast competitions. We saw threesomes, blowjobs, you name it—all before the sunset. Most of the clientele are over age 40—and many older, with no diminishing sex drive in sight. This sprawling resort near Negril is the biggest of the four and has the most community-oriented operations—sort of like X-rated summer camp.

    Every evening hundreds of people gathered together under one roof for the dinner buffet and a show. The entertainment is top-notch with traditional Jamaican performances on top of nightly themed parties. During the bondage bash, for example, we saw a woman casually leading a man by the leash. On another night, we participated in a naked foam party, where people of all ages and sizes slipped and slithered to the pounding beats. Hedonism, even more so than others, is designed for fantasy. The sweet-and-sour fried chicken definitely has fans.

    Curries are the high point of the menu— five lip tinglers, three of them tangled with daily-smoked meats. Few cooks around can match her focus and feel for flavors. Even Damian Lillard would crumple at her game face. Among the gems: a frisky jungle curry juggling fried Thai eggplants and fatty-rich brisket slabs as well as a tamarind-steeped wonder that parks roasted cod over a thrum of tart heat and braised daikon. So far, the smoked meats work best when they play wingman to Thai flavors.

    Standing alone, not so much: baby back ribs are forgettable, and prosaic, snap-free green curry sausage—only two weenie slices! The lone exception is the Korean saam-riffing BBQ pork steak, its juicy, bark-lusty slivers flanked by lettuce wrappers and spicy Thai dipping sauces.

    It gets you thinking about where Eem might go if it pushed the barbecue part of this equation.