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Shayna Krishnasamy. Dan Wells. Shatter Me. Tahereh Mafi. Where She Went.

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Gayle Forman. All the Rage. Too Late. Clem Martini. Will Grayson, Will Grayson. John Green. Raziel Reid. Malinda Lo. Matthew Mainster. First Kisses and Other Misfortunes. Kimberly Karalius. Tara Sim. Marisa Calin. Claire Needell. Peace, Locomotion. Jacqueline Woodson.

Bow Grip. Ivan Coyote. Then I tell them they can call it like they see it, or mix it up a little if they wish. Or, they can try to avoid using he or she altogether. I suggest this even though I am fully aware of the fact it is almost impossible to talk about anything other than yourself or inanimate objects without using a gender-specific pronoun. Jan 30, Pamela rated it really liked it. Ivan meets all types of unlikely individuals when performing. I've never forgotten him, and I imagine him standing behind me whenever I find myself scared of the next story I am about to tell, or afraid of the people I'm about to tell it to.

This made me cry Well done, Ivan But here's what Ivan meets all types of unlikely individuals when performing. But here's what makes it all worth while: "That night we both received MySpace messages from the girl with the purple brush-cut who sat in the front row during the afternoon set. She was smiling in her picture, her cheek pressed up against her girlfriend, who had orange hair and a nose ring. She was just writing to tell us how much she loved our show; that it was the best thing her school had ever seen. I clicked on her profile. It said she was sixteen, a lesbian, and an aspiring writer.

Sure, there were a couple of kids slouched along one side of the classroom at the back of the room who already could grow sideburns and snickered and rolled their eyes the whole time, but for the most part they were interested, and engaged. I kept telling myself that I wasn't there to change the mind of the beefy guy in the back with the almost full goatee.

I was there for the kid I couldn't see yet, the kid who was seeing me for the first time. The kid who walked the edges of the hallways, one hand trailing the lockers and the walls, hoping they won't be waiting for him at the bus stop today. The kid who hides his Muscle and Fitness magazines behind a ceiling tile in his closet, when his brothers can read them openly because they are not like him.

For the girl who doesn't know yet but her parents do. That was who I was there for. Her vignettes, as she calls them. She has been sending me envelopes, sometimes containing carefully folded, ten-page-long stories handwritten in her sloping but still solid script, sometimes typewritten in all capital letters, with capital Xs crossing out mistakes, and corrections made in blue pen in the margins. Most are untitled, with just that day's date in the upper right hand corner. I read and re-read them; they are full of old stories, confessions, and advice.

Lately her musings have grown somewhat more poignant, more emotional, full of regrets. I am not old.

I'm not an old lady. I am young, vibrant, full of life. I'm like that in all my dreams.

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So I enjoy my dreams. What advice did I get? I pulled a clean shirt and a different tie out of my suitcase and was amazed when my fingers remembered what tying a perfect double Windsor knot felt like. I don't remember who taught me the wrong way to tie a tie, but I know for sure it wasn't my dad. He never wears neckties. He taught me how to tie a boat to a dock, and a fishhook to a line. How to tie double bows in your bootlaces so they never come undone halfway down a ladder or get caught up in a conveyor belt or a lawnmower blade and end up costing you a toe.

My father is a wise man. He taught me all the important knots. The double Windsor I learned from a Wise guy. I feel it pushing out the edges of my conscious and subconscious life. It will come and it will be what it is.

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Here is the start of this book, which is simple, mostly snapshots, vignettes, stories from her life, but it's got so much heart. In a future letter to her past self in the introduction and good advice to me too; it's advice we all deserve, especially those of us with heart, those of us who are different, those of us who need it : "I can't do it all over, but I can pass on some of what I have learned to you. So, to sum it all up, here it is again: Make art. Write stories. Don't pay any attention to the haters. Most of them will grow up to be adult haters, too, and they will not leave anything behind but a bad taste in your mouth as their legacy.

You are capable of great things, and beautiful things, and you need to be strong. Please, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't sing, or dance, or do math or play the drums or hockey or be a full-time working writer. You can and will one day grow up to be a writer who plays the drums while dancing and singing and counting, all at the same time. School sucks sometimes. This is the plain truth of it.

One In Every Crowd

Parts of school, just like parts of society, are meant to train you to conform, to make you afraid to be anything else but just like everybody else. But look around. Kindness and compassion will reward you with so much more than your fear or apathy will. Trust your heart, it is a lot smarter than you know. Find out what moves you, and be it. Be brave. Be fearless.

Be fabulous. Make me proud of us.

One In Every Crowd Chords - Montgomery Gentry - Cowboy Lyrics

I know you can do it. I am living proof that you can be anything you dream and work and fight to be. I wish someone had given me these words when I was still you, but they did not. So I am giving them to you now. What you do with them is, of course, completely up to you. Jul 03, Joseph Jeffery rated it it was amazing Shelves: autobiography , short-stories , lgbtq , social-issues , canadian-author. Having had the pleasure of seeing Ivan talk live, the rhythm and the cadence Ivan gives to a story was very much apparent in the writing.

Montgomery Gentry-One in Every Crowd (Lyrics)

Each short story helped paint a picture. Some sad, some happy. Some of Ivan, some of friends, some of family. I know students who are like Francis was when he was little, I hope they don't change and conform to the way the world wants them to.

It also reminds me how lucky I am to have worked for 6 years in a school that would take those things and nuture them Having had the pleasure of seeing Ivan talk live, the rhythm and the cadence Ivan gives to a story was very much apparent in the writing. It also reminds me how lucky I am to have worked for 6 years in a school that would take those things and nuture them rather than try and make a child conform to strict gender roles.

Times have changed and hearing how different someone grew up even a decade and a half before I did, and now to see students a decade and a half later growing up, I know we are heading toward a better place. It's slow, but things are getting better. Jun 23, Leah rated it really liked it Shelves: queer-lit , non-fiction , girls-who-love-girls. Ivan Coyote is a master of the short story, crafting family stories, lively characters from life, and stories that really touch the heartstrings.